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Leading the industry in sanitary design, PFI’s line of easy to clean and low maintenance equipment are ideal for dairy industry.  Not only do we meet the high safety standards set forth by the USDA, we can help minimize down time and labor costs by making cleaning and sanitizing faster and easier with our unique and carefully designed equipment.


The Pre-Sheeter is designed to process a variety of product while easily integrating with existing systems.


A sanitary and low maintenance design featuring powered belt turns, bi-directional product flow and tight transfers.


PURmotion is new technology and Sanitary Standards in Motion


Offering the flexibility, safety and sanitary design required for cutting processes in the Food Industry.


The Spreader is a distinctive-positive drive system for gentle handling and easy operation.


The Bucket series is designed to amplify production and processing operations.


The Dumper is a bulk box unloader designed to provide efficient material transfer with minimal product damage.

Sealed Dumper

The Sealed Dumper is a lift and seal dumping system to help ensure product quality and safety.

Heavy Duty Dumper

Heavy Duty Dumper with 5X the safety factor of traditional dumpers.

Distribution Systems

PFI's Distribution Systems is designed with sanitary standards and high production in mind.

Mix/Blend Systems

PFI's Mix/Blend Systems provide various functions and precise monitoring and portioning operations.

Flat Conveyor

The Flat Conveyor offers sanitary design and a low maintenance operation.


The MAGNEflex is a reliable vibratory conveyor for both food and non-food product.

Spiral Chutes

The Spiral Chutes from Precision Food Innovations provide various solutions for gentle handling of products.
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