Fresh Cut

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Fresh Cut

PFI offers the best of both worlds; the best material handling solutions and the best processing solutions from a single source. PFI is a one-stop-shop for complete fresh cut solutions; from beginning to end, and everywhere in between. With our experience we’re able to provide process consultation to assist in the development of new approaches for processing your products. We’re not just an equipment supplier but a company with years of experience in developing real world solutions for real problems.

Fresh cut solutions include vibratory conveyors, belt conveyors, polywash, flumes, dewatering conveyors and more. 


The Troughveyor is a long-lasting open frame design system that can be easily customized.


A sanitary and low maintenance design featuring powered belt turns, bi-directional product flow and tight transfers.


The Eleveyor is a custom and proven incline conveyor system designed to impact all applications and requirements.


PFI is introducing the newest member to its family of products: PURlift.

Vibra-Flex II

The VIBRAflex II is a distinctive Excited Base Frame Conveyor that is reliable, efficient and adjustable.

EDF Feeder

The EDF Feeder is a flexible-vibratory feeder that is easy to clean and highly controllable.

Magna Weigh

The Magna Weigh Feeder is a continuous in-line weighing vibratory feeder designed to feed and/or monitor products by weight.

Combination Hopper-Feeder

The Combination Hopper-Feeder is a personalized system tailoring to various applications.

Accu-Flow Hopper-Feeder

The Accu-Flow Hopper-Feeder is an established feeder offering non-stop production.


PURmotion is new technology and Sanitary Standards in Motion


The Dumper is a bulk box unloader designed to provide efficient material transfer with minimal product damage.

Sealed Dumper

The Sealed Dumper is a lift and seal dumping system to help ensure product quality and safety.

Heavy Duty Dumper

Heavy Duty Dumper with 5X the safety factor of traditional dumpers.


The PURwash® is a system that assures minimal product damage and low water consumption.

Distribution Systems

PFI's Distribution Systems is designed with sanitary standards and high production in mind.

Mix/Blend Systems

PFI's Mix/Blend Systems provide various functions and precise monitoring and portioning operations.

Flat Conveyor

The Flat Conveyor offers sanitary design and a low maintenance operation.


The MAGNEflex is a reliable vibratory conveyor for both food and non-food product.
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