Date: 10/1/2019

Challenge Accepted

At PFI we are proud to be leaders in sanitary design. A customer located within the Mid-West approached us with a challenge needing a solution for a dairy product application. The project consisted of receiving cubed cheese from an incline belt conveyor and discharging the product into one of two scale feeders on each of their new lines. The customer requested PFI to incorporate an innovative design for operation as well as solution to increase sanitary standards.  

This application would traditionally be handled with a series of vibratory conveyors, some of which would include a gate over each scale feeder discharge point. Traditional gate designs tend to present both maintenance and sanitary concerns. To eliminate both of these issues, PFI proposed a gateless gate solution. PURmotion™ was presented as an alternative to the vibratory equipment. This gateless gate design is a new feature for PURmotion, and is the first time this piece of equipment is being utilized within the dairy industry. 

Since the project launch, the customer’s layout has changed as well as the development of the equipment. Each line now consists of two PURmotion conveyors: the first one will receive the cubed cheese from the incline belt conveyor and discharge onto the second. The second unit will alternate back and forth feeding each of the two scale feeders as product is called for.  

Many advantages were recognized by the customer during this installation, including IP69K rating components, ease of full washdown, verification that the unit is sanitized provided by the open frame design, the possibility of speed adjustment and fine-tuning through programming changes and the elimination of the parts and pieces of a traditional gate set up. 

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