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Field Tech Service

Rates and policy

Domestic / International

Qualified personnel are available to supervise and help with the installation of PFI equipment and to perform field service calls. Our engineering staff is available for engineering and technical services in your facility. Standard rates for these services are listed below.

Straight Time = 0-8 Hours Worked Overtime = 8+ Hours Worked Double Time = Sundays and Holidays

The above rates apply when a service person is away from our facility, preparing for a trip in advance, and/or traveling. Add one (1) hour before departure and one (1) hour after arrival at home base. The minimum billing per day is one (1) standard eight (8) hour day, except for weekend layovers (see below).

When no work is performed, weekend layovers are charged at $420.00 per day minimum. When work is performed weekend rates apply for billings over $420.00 per day.

Airfare, rental car, and/or ground transportation fees will be charged cost plus 15%. Receipts available upon request. When a service call is in close proximity to our facility for a personal car to be used, transportation will be charged at $.535 per mile for the round trip. Sub-Contractors and miscellaneous expenses such as equipment rentals, truck and tool rentals, will include a 15% Mark-Up

Overnight Stay - $250.00 per day, per person Day Trip - $100.00 per day, per person

If you have any questions or require additional information contact our Service Department

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