Belt Conveyors

Custom Designed & Made For Your Industry

Belt Conveyors

PFI belt conveyors are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to accommodate the inspection, cooling, storing or transporting of product. Featuring a modular design that allows for change, these conveyors offer a wide range of stainless-steel and a choice of bed, belt, pulley or discharge options.


The Troughveyor is a long-lasting open frame design system that can be easily customized.


The Eleveyor is a custom and proven incline conveyor system designed to impact all applications and requirements.


PFI is introducing the newest member to its family of products: PURlift.


The Retractor is a versatile positive drive system allowing product transportation of countless stroke lengths and retraction speeds.


The Pre-Sheeter is designed to process a variety of product while easily integrating with existing systems.


A sanitary and low maintenance design featuring powered belt turns, bi-directional product flow and tight transfers.

Flat Conveyor

The Flat Conveyor offers sanitary design and a low maintenance operation.


The Storeveyor system is designed with customization options accommodating to most manufacturing needs.
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